I spent most of my morning meditation trying to keep pesky, invasive thoughts about how annoyed I am with some of my coworkers and bosses from creeping into my head and wrecking my peaceful morning vibe. Without going into too much detail, work has not been a positive atmosphere for me lately. In fact, it's totally sucked and the energy has been absolute shite. For my part, I've been avoiding said coworkers when I can and have been a little short with them when I've had to deal with them, so I'm sure I'm not really helping the atmosphere much. I honestly feel like if today wasn't Friday, I'd just quit and drag Ant on the first plane to this place:

Because I know some of my coworkers read this (though probably not the ones who need the message the most) I'd like to point out that the fact that someone doesn't speak a language as well as you does not mean that you are automatically smarter than they are. Using language that you know the other person doesn't understand to make yourself look smarter doesn't actually make you look at all intelligent. If everything in our school were conducted in Korean, which is the language that all but a handful of employees speak, we would all (with the exception of Patrick) end up looking so retarded that in comparison the Special Olympics would look like a Mensa convention.
We are compensated fairly well for doing what amounts to very little work. Why is it so hard to show up on time, sober, and do what little is expected of you? Yes, the administration at our school are racist pricks, but them getting mad because you're an hour late and drunk and falling asleep in class doesn't mean Korea sucks. There's nowhere in the world where that behavior would be tolerated.
OK. I'm letting it go now. I promise.
I'm not psychic, but I definitely see some beer in my future.


Barbara said...

Ass clowns! Enjoy your well deserved weekend!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

ugh. the 'office politics' is part of the reason i'm happy to be working at home, not observing those that think they can pull that kinda sh!t, and bosses that are completely oblivious to it. hope it gets better :)

Sarah said...

I'm maybe a little behind in the blogs - but where are you going? Looks like Nepal. Please say Nepal! I don't know how long the flight is from Seoul, but you should try to go sometime if it's not this weekend!

And yeah, a lot of English teachers over there were like that. I guess some things don't change!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Awww, sister, you're usually so funny and upbeat so I know how much this must be bothering you, and I feel for you - I really do.

F*ck the @$$holes (for once I'm saying this and I DON'T mean sodomy ... unless that would help) ... have those inevitable Friday beers and get back to your Happy Place.

And when you get there, blog about your bliss. We'll still be here.

And I promise, next time I say "f*ck @$$holes" it will, unequivocally, be about sodomy.


brownie said...

I can't believe you're whining about drunk people. Are you going to get religious on us next?

Shells Bells said...

Oh dear - that sounds like my old school! People showing up late or smelling like the booze they stopped consuming about an hr before they came into work - then having the nerve to get pissed when they are addressed by the Korean admin staff about their behavior. I totally get where you're coming from. Hang in there babes - stay at least until Christmas is over I wanna see ya xoxo

achilles3 said...

drink 2 for caring
drink 2 more for blogging sober
i wish PBR made a cologne